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(Border Terriers are Here!)     Enjoy a pup that is pre-trained and ready for you.

Pre-Training is all ready done for you .

We love our puppies and our dogs. We Raise them with our kids They have a huge back yard on our large acreage.  Our dogs and pups love to go to the park with us and  join us at the beach.

Our family works together to bring you a great well trained social family dog.
 Many make therapy dogs - good canine citizen dogs - emotional support dogs, agility dogs more.

We our offering our puppies to qualifying home.  (check out form above) No charge . I have been raising and training dogs for years.   I am offering you a chance to get one of these wonderful terriers that I am giving you.

 It is my pleasure to let you enjoy one of my pre- trained terriers.  Check out the form and see if you qualify - the steps are simple.

Enjoy watching your new one learn in my training program.

Border Terriers Pups Available Now        Package (A) Border Terriers*  Pups can go anytime after 8 wks

                                                                                          Your  Cost $950  Price is for a Pre- training fee service  transport is extra Read Below

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Australian Terrier Pups Available       

Norwich Terriers Pups Available.                        Package B Norwich Terrier 

                                                                                          Pre-Training Service Fee $950 Ready to go anytime after 8 weeks (transport is extra)

Check out what we have to offer here and my family center.

We have basic  Pre-puppy class *Which as already been started on the pup you are looking at.

ABC Learning  to ensure that when each pup leaves they have a good start in life.

Early Socializing (Your pup has been)

Potty Training (we start each pup by taking them outside to potty at 6 weeks of age)

Come (ABC Family starts teaching the pup to come as soon as they can walk and eat)

Sit (repetition usually start close to 8 wks) 

Videos available on your pup/dog

Sound Interesting 

Read On!

I am a training service. And I am giving my pups to qualified homes.
Terms of agreement :


  • Transportation offered $300-400 . (ground driven by a professional pet transporter direct to you)
  • Crate- a crate must be purchased for flight 
  • Crate rental for ground transportation will be covered in transport fee.
  • Purchase Package listed above to receive your puppy   (basic pre-training) service will apply and has been started
  • No charge for the puppy/dog
  • Lifetime Support

 If you need Videos and pictures of training let me know and I will get them to you


Do you have a dog that needs Training   
If you would like extra training service and fees will apply
You Have a Dog that needs training . Need me to training you pet . Bring your pet to me and I will train for you.
Evaluation depending on price one - two weeks- 3 weeks. Or more depending on your dog you bring to me or the pup you pick out if you want extra + or more advance training on your dog


Thank you For Looking

ABC Family Training.
Meet Us  this is the team
Border Terrier Available:

Born Nov 12 2014

Full Health Guarantee for a Year on Your New Terrier

No charge for Puppy

Purchase  Pre-Training Package Service Fee is required
This is already been done and Ready to Go Just for you

Training Package for border terrier Package( A)
training service fee
To qualifying homes

No Charge for Puppy - No Adoption Fees - No Donations .

- Available to qualifying homes-

ENJOY the past Pictures of Dogs that came and went in  our Family Training Area.
From the Beach to the Park to the Farm to everywhere in between.
From Talent contest to custom contest we have did it all.
Kids -Dogs- and pups go hand in hand
Many fun times with all.
Please Enjoy one of my pups or dogs.

Training fees  will apply
/ Purchase of a training  Service package is required
Pre-Training is already done  and fee will apply only.
Puppies are ready to go Pick a Package
Australian Terriers Available
Texas Heelers  (teens in Training) Please Check In Working Dogs
Border Collies (Yearlies in training) Please Check In Working Dogs
Border Terriers
Norwich Terriers
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